Healthcare Professionals

Phazyme® comes in 500mg, 250mg and 180mg strengths. Ultimate strength Phazyme® 500mg is the strongest dosage available in 1 pill available over the counter. 

Clinical Studies

See the poster that was awarded second place at the 2014 Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) conference. The poster highlights a clinical study used to gather usage information on Maximum Strength Phazyme® 250mg, an over-the-counter, anti-gas simethicone softgel.

See the poster displayed at the American Pharmacists Association meeting in March 2016. The poster highlights the results of a clinical study on new Maximum Strength Phazyme® Gas & Acid, a combination of 250mg of simethicone and 750mg of calcium carbonate in a chewable form.

Reference Safety Information

For drug facts, refer to the Reference Safety Information on the product pages below.