The strongest name in gas relief just got stronger.

About Phazyme®

Phazyme® is the name you turn to when you need serious gas relief, whether in the 180mg dosage or in our Maximum Strength 250mg dosage, the strongest dosage you can buy without a prescription. Now the same strong relief comes with fast-acting heartburn relief. Introducing Phazyme® Gas & Acid, all the relief you need in one great-tasting chew. So whether it’s gas alone or gas and acid combined, Phazyme® delivers the serious relief you can count on.

History of Phazyme®

For over 30 years, Phazyme® has provided reliable gas relief. Phazyme® began in the 1970s. At the time, Phazyme® was only promoted to physicians as an over-the-counter medicine to fight gas attacks. In the early 1980s, there was still a great deal of confusion among consumers regarding the difference between anti-gas and antacid products. When Block Drug Company bought Phazyme®, it launched an aggressive campaign to address those differences with the theme, “Don’t Make the Antacid Mistake.”

In 2012, the Phazyme® brand was bought by Fleet Laboratories, a company with more than 140 years in the personal healthcare industry, now ranking among the top nonprescription drug companies in the healthcare business. And the Phazyme® name has continued to grow ever since.

Since its beginning, Phazyme® has been known as strong, serious, reliable medicine, always striving to deliver the highest dosage of simethicone, the #1 anti-gas ingredient recommended by physicians and pharmacists. And now, with both 180mg and 250mg strengths available, Phazyme® is the strongest anti-gas medication available in treating the bloating, pressure and discomfort of gas.

And in the coming years, Phazyme® plans to continue leading the field with more products in the Phazyme® line.