Gas is air collected in the digestive tract, primarily composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sometimes methane. Read more

Some common sources that can contribute to gas found in the digestive tract:

  1. Eating certain foods
  2. Swallowed air
  3. Medicines and supplements
  4. Certain medical conditions

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The most common symptoms of gas are abdominal bloating, pressure, discomfort, belching and flatulence. Read more

The most common ways to reduce the discomfort and symptoms associated with gas can be achieved by taking medicines, changing your diet and reducing the amount of air swallowed. Read more

While often confused when treating symptoms, the conditions are completely different. Gas, which collects in the digestive tract, commonly results in symptoms such as abdominal bloating, pressure, discomfort, belching and flatulence.

Heartburn is caused by excess stomach acid, the most common symptoms being sour stomach, stomach upset, acid indigestion and a burning sensation starting in the esophagus.

Phazyme® relieves bloating, pressure or fullness commonly referred to as gas.

Simethicone, the active ingredient found in Phazyme®, decreases the surface tension of gas bubbles and causes them to combine into larger bubbles in the digestive tract. The trapped gas is now allowed to pass more easily through the digestive tract and exit through the rectum.

Simethicone, the active ingredient in Phazyme®, is considered a safe treatment for gas symptoms. There is no required warning for pregnant or nursing women for this product. However, it is always encouraged for pregnant or nursing women to consult their doctor before taking any kind of medications.

Ultra Strength Phazyme® contains 180mg of medicine per softgel. Millions of people have used this product for years to relieve their gas symptoms (pressure, bloating and discomfort) quickly, safely and effectively. Now Phazyme® is also available in a 250mg (per softgel) dose. This higher-strength option enables users to medicate themselves with the maximum permitted daily dose of medicine in just two softgels.