Important Information

Samples & Coupons Available in Doctors’ Officesinfo

Phazyme Anti-Gas samples and money-saving coupons are sent to many gastroenterologist offices for distribution to patients when needed. Please ask your gastroenterologist about Phazyme.


Upcoming Conventions Where Phazyme Will Exhibit

  • American Pharmacists Association will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, March 4-7, 2016, with 4,500 pharmacists in attendance.
  • Society of Gastroenterologist Nurses will take place in Seattle, Washington, May 20-24, 2016, with over 1,200 GI/endoscopy nurses in attendance.
  • American College of Gastroenterologists will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21-26, 2016, with over 5,000 gastroenterologists in attendance.


Clinical Results on 250mg Phazyme

Did you know the anti-foaming agent simethicone is widely used to relieve gas symptoms? Until now, the strongest dosage available was 180mg, but the OTC drug monograph permits up to 500mg/day. In a new study, results showed the total number of gas events declined 23% from those who used Phazyme 250mg, and the total number of gas events declined 37% with Phazyme and a low-gas diet. See study details.